Satcha Maduro - Valies

Impacting the world with her voice

She sings to touch ​h​earts

She speaks fo​r​ impact

She coaches to c​hange lives

Satcha Maduro-Valies, born in Surinam raised and based in the Netherlands, is a true inspiration through her singing, speaking, and coaching. She empowers and instills hope in everyone she meets. Satcha's passion and dedication shine in all her endeavors, making a profound impact on countless lives.

“I am here to serve”

Singing to touch hearts

Book Satcha for a live jazz/gospel performance to inspire your team, event, or living room session.

Speaking for impact

Book Satcha as an impactful speaker for your event, team, or conference, whether it's for a business setting or a Christian organization.

Coaching to change lives

Hire Satcha as your personal coach. With over 10 years of experience as a coach and advisor, she will bring a significant positive impact to your life.

About Satcha

Satcha Maduro-Valies mentors women to ​create lasting impacts, achieve their goals, and ​lead significant lives. Once a struggling single ​mother in debt, she overcame depression ​through faith in Jesus Christ. Now a certified ​John Maxwell Team coach and speaker, Satcha ​transforms lives by fostering mindset and ​attitude changes for personal and professional ​growth. Her powerful speeches inspire, connect, ​and motivate audiences. Happily married and ​reunited with her daughter, she coaches and ​trains in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. ​She leads Women of Impact Ministries and ​inspires as a jazz and gospel singer, proving ​that with God, all things are possible.

“With God nothing is impossible.”


Quotation Mark

Satcha's gospel/jazz performance is incredibly inspiring. Her ability to convey deep emotion and faith through her singing is remarkable. She has a gift for connecting with her audience on a profound level.

Vicky Koolman - Breitling

Quotation Mark

Satcha's coaching helped me overcome limiting beliefs that held me back in my life. I've since advanced personally, achieving milestones I once thought impossible. Her belief in my potential has been invaluable.

Esther Row - Aruba

Quotation Mark

Listening to Satcha speak is an unforgettable experience. Her authenticity, passion, and deep understanding of life's struggles and triumphs make her an exceptional preacher. She leaves her audience feeling encouraged and ready to take on the world.


Ellis Dongen - The Netherlands

Upcoming events


Lifestyle Business ​Club

Satcha is a licensee of The Lifestyle Business Club. The Club offers a wide range of networking opportunities, and organize over 150 events annually. These include in person events with various themes across 9 different regions in the Netherlands, as well as international events in Dubai, London, Ibiza, Paris, and more!

Founder of

Women of Impact ​Ministries

Satcha is the founder of Women of Impact Ministries, a Christian organization ​that empowers, equips, and supports women to realize their God-given dreams ​and mission.




Satcha Maduro - Valies

Based in the Netherlands